01 November 2008

Two new words to impress your friends with

Today I added a gadget called 'Daily Sniglets' to the Daily Boop and already I have discovered two new words that ought to be in the dictionary: 'chipfault' and 'ellacelleration'.

Firstly, chipfault. Next time you're at a snazzy do and your chip breaks in the dip, you've found the chipfault... the weak point in the chip where it snaps under the weight of the dip.

Next, ellacelleration. When you're in the elevator and someone steps in and starts hammering on a floor button as if that would get them there faster, that's ellacelleration.

Now, aren't you glad you stopped by the Daily Boop?

You can find Daily Sniglets at the bottom of the page... I would have put it up here on the sidebar but frankly I can't stand showoffs.

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