22 November 2008

Heavens Above

When we’re in Hobart, we stay in a lovely old mansion called Ednam House. It’s filled with antiques, heavy drapes and something that I’ve never seen but my pounding heart tells me is there. To avoid looking into nothing and seeing something, I lose myself in the intricate details of the fittings… like this chandelier in the Augusta suite.

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  1. Hi Tracey, i've turned the moderation on on my comments so that no one can see it, so could you leave me your e-mail address please, Tim's gonna write out those instructions for you, but i think it may be a tad too long for the comments box!

    Had a lovely time at the spa, very relaxed now! Thanks for following me, you're my only follower, i feel so special! and of course i don't mind you adding me to your blogroll, i've added you too.

    Any hoo, hope you're all ok, and will try and get the info to you as soon as possible.

    Cate, x