28 August 2010

The Game

Well, it's taken for-bloody-ever but I fancy a little blogging.

It's a sunny Saturday arvo here in Sydders and the end of a rather thrilling week - the first in quite a while where I've felt excited about my work... the unexpected result of someone noticing that a mag I wrote was crap.

I can't tell you how fantastic it feels after four years of observations like "nobody reads the copy" to know that someone actually noticed when I was off my game.

I doubt the observer has any idea the impact he had. Admittedly he didn't use the word 'crap' (he's much too diplomatic) and his rant was directed at all the contributors. But he was right, it was a poor effort.

So this week I've been pounding the keyboard, furiously pursuing the thrill I get when I know I'm writing great stuff. And all it took was to be reminded that what I do - what we all do - matters.

Mood: reflective
Food: Cherry Ripe Cherry Roll
Music: Morphine 'Yes'

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