05 October 2010

My Amazing Week

During the second week on my holidays I promised my friends a blog post about my first week of holidays and how it completely blew my mind. But it seems once again I’ve promised more than I can deliver.

I’m going to the country, I thought. I don’t even get mobile phone coverage there, I reasoned. For god sake, my dear friend likes to read! Surely, SURELY I will have time to blog about the events of the most amazing week in at least 10 years?

Apparently not.

So as I sit here, first day back at work, I’m feeling guilty; sooooo bloody guilty that yet again I’ve promised to share something precious with you and I’ve let you down.

So here’s what I propose: I will write a list here of the events that rocked me to my core – in a good way (I hope you weren’t expecting death and destruction. If so, I’m about to disappoint you YET AGAIN… best opt out now) – and I will endeavour to write a little on each over the come weeks.


1.Caught up with a friend from school… massive, hugely confronting, and yet bought about an incredible sense of peace.
2.I decided to see a chiropractor about my rickety little hands. I’ve been putting it off for 20 years because it’s part of a bigger picture I avoid thinking about at all costs. Plus I knew it would hurt – and it did – but it was a good hurt, a moving-forward hurt. More about that later.
3.Finally, an event I’ve been praying would come to Sydney did, and it was like water after a week in the desert… utterly quenching. It went for just over two hours and when I walked back out into the daylight I thought I might burst. It was called Women of Letters and I will tell you more about it… cross my heart.

Did I mention today’s my first day back at work? Well, that was my lunch break so I’d better scoot so I can try and stay ahead and maybe, just maybe get a chance to tell you about my most amazing week.


PS forgive my typos… I’m whipping this out so fast and that dreadful woman who took me for Business Writing in 1991 is in my head going ‘You’re not going to let it go out with proofreading, are you Tracey?” Well yes I am, Helen… and you can shove your ‘rules’ up your Fletcher Jones Twin Set.

Mood: Alive
Food: Warm roast chicken sandwich
Music: Philadelphia Grand Jury ‘Hope is for Hopers’

04 October 2010


Have you watched the movie, 'Up'? I have just finished watching it and I'm teary and shellshocked. Forgive me.
At the 11 and a half minute mark, Georgie paused the DVD and looked at me, with giant tears rolling down his cheeks. Tears not unlike my own.
He's popped out to buy coffee now and I haven't asked what made him cry. My tears spilled when I realised the parallel to our life; and that one day, one of us will be alone.
It isn't a new thought - I've had it many times before - and at times the fear makes me wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to have never fallen in love.
But then what would I be without him? He is the reason I put two feet on the floor every morning... Imagine not having that? I can't.
Loving someone is a high risk adventure. Like tying balloons to your house and floating off in pursuit of a dream.
He'll be back in a moment and I've decided not to ask about his tears... I think I know the answer.

Mood: melancholy
Music: the theme to 'Up'
Food: the best coffee this end of town (thanks Georgie x)

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28 August 2010

The Game

Well, it's taken for-bloody-ever but I fancy a little blogging.

It's a sunny Saturday arvo here in Sydders and the end of a rather thrilling week - the first in quite a while where I've felt excited about my work... the unexpected result of someone noticing that a mag I wrote was crap.

I can't tell you how fantastic it feels after four years of observations like "nobody reads the copy" to know that someone actually noticed when I was off my game.

I doubt the observer has any idea the impact he had. Admittedly he didn't use the word 'crap' (he's much too diplomatic) and his rant was directed at all the contributors. But he was right, it was a poor effort.

So this week I've been pounding the keyboard, furiously pursuing the thrill I get when I know I'm writing great stuff. And all it took was to be reminded that what I do - what we all do - matters.

Mood: reflective
Food: Cherry Ripe Cherry Roll
Music: Morphine 'Yes'

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07 February 2010

Once upon a time...

... I started a blog. I had great hopes for my blog... an outlet for my creativity, a chance to connect with my own writing voice, and maybe, just maybe, reignite my passion for the written word.

And then I got busy. So busy that writing for The Daily Boop kept slipping further and further down the list of things I had to write.

Then I forgot I had a blog.

And then I remembered again.

The end.

Or is it a new beginning.