04 October 2010


Have you watched the movie, 'Up'? I have just finished watching it and I'm teary and shellshocked. Forgive me.
At the 11 and a half minute mark, Georgie paused the DVD and looked at me, with giant tears rolling down his cheeks. Tears not unlike my own.
He's popped out to buy coffee now and I haven't asked what made him cry. My tears spilled when I realised the parallel to our life; and that one day, one of us will be alone.
It isn't a new thought - I've had it many times before - and at times the fear makes me wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to have never fallen in love.
But then what would I be without him? He is the reason I put two feet on the floor every morning... Imagine not having that? I can't.
Loving someone is a high risk adventure. Like tying balloons to your house and floating off in pursuit of a dream.
He'll be back in a moment and I've decided not to ask about his tears... I think I know the answer.

Mood: melancholy
Music: the theme to 'Up'
Food: the best coffee this end of town (thanks Georgie x)

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