09 January 2009

For Tani and Bear (the best friends a Boop could have)

With my sister's wedding at the beginning of the year, a major holiday at the end and some expensive living in between, 2008 can be summed up in two words: cash strapped. So when it came to Christmas presents we made a pact with our closest friends that each of us would only do gifts for the children.

Now 2008 was an interesting year for me and along with Georgie and my sister Sasha, my two dearest friends Tani (yes, my personal tutu maker)and Bear were never far away when I needed them most.

These two beautiful girls have a knack of knowing when things aren't right and a call will come out of the blue. Their friendship means the world to me and I wanted to recognise that at Christmas whilst not breaking our 'no-gift' pact. So I made them each an apron (I adore aprons... but that's another story) which turned out so fabulously I'm making myself one in a ladybird print.

So for Tani and Bear... thank you gorgeouses... I love you both more than even I can say. For everyone else, here's an introduction to the best friends a Boop could have... and of course, their aprons.


Tani is a beautiful girl blessed with an enviable pout so I sometimes call her Lips... especially when she signs my cards with a big red lipstick blot. We met at work in Adelaide about 10 years ago and we just connected. Her gorgeous daughters, Taylah and Lilly are my godchildren and my favourite reason to get back to Adelaide whenever we can.

Tani's Apron


Bear has been my best friend since high school but we've known each other since primary school. Her name is actually Andrea but with her beautiful dark curls and gorgeous round face she looks like a panda bear... and that's how she got her life-long nickname. I most often call her Mrs Bearly and she's a very proud mummy to Evie, a favourite subject in my last post.

Bear's Apron


  1. Hey Tracey,

    I've been wondering where you were, looks like you had a good time though, and your longest post ever was a good read for my coffee break.

    I love the aprons you made, so cute, i've been thinking about making one myself, but i seem to be in lazy mode at the minute :o) what lucky (and wonderful sounding) friends you have!

    Cate, x

  2. beautiful post, Tracey, love those aprons , they look so beautifully made