18 January 2009

The Best... and the not so Best

It's 21 minutes until the Bakers Oven pops out a lovely loaf of wholemeal (with 10% selenium apparenty) so I thought I'd take a minute (or 21) to record the Top Five Best and Worst of my first week back at in the real world.

So starting at the top... the winners for Best of the Week are:

1 Pay day
2 Discovering I'd managed to LOSE 1.5 kilos over Christmas (making it 7 since September)
3 Getting a pay rise
4 Finding out my favourite person at the nine to five had been promoted (Yay for you, SJW)
5 Getting a long-overdue hair tint (goodbye greys!)

But every rose has it thorns... the Worst of the Week is as follows:

1 Pay day (Note to self, next time you decide to take leave without pay, DON'T)
2 Waiting for a long-overdue hair tint (and finding at least one new grey everyday)
3 Getting sick with a cough that made me sound (and possibly feel) like I'd taken up smoking
4 'My Penis and Everyone Elses' on SBS last Friday night (Listen you stupid galoot, nobody cares about your three and a half inch todger... frankly, I'm surprised you can see it past your colossal girth and dolly-esque breasts! Now go away and get a life.)
5 Boy George going to jail

My plan for week two in the real world is to spend less, watch less, cough less and continue to eat less; sleep more, write more, laugh more and remind myself more often of the things that really matter. I'll let you know how I go.

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  1. congrats on the good things, and try not to let the bad things bother you!

    Cate, x