22 July 2009


Many years ago, my Mum did astrology charts for my husband Georgie and me, and she said that he will be the one who keeps the romance alive in our relationship. I remember thinking ‘What about me? I’m romantic!’

But you know what? She was right. He keeps life fun when I’m under the pump or strung out about something or racing the clock to be somewhere on time. And he can read me like a book which shits me sometimes because he knows everything… even when he knows nothing.

And when I’m venting, he gets in my face and smirks and says ‘Don’t you smile, Boopie!’

And then I smile.

My world wouldn’t be a patch on what it is without him. I love him so much and words don’t really cut it.

There’s a song by Sinead O’Connor called ‘Dancing Shoes’ (Google it. It’s beautiful) and each time I’m writing a card for Georgie I feel compelled to finish it by quoting a line from that song. I resist because I worry he’ll think I haven’t put thought into what I want to say, that I’ve just dragged out an old standard. Silly, eh?

So while I’m feeling brazen (and not just a little bit lovey) I’m going to drag out that ‘old standard’ and finish with this:

Darren Scarce, you take my rainy days and make them go away. I love you.


  1. Heheh!! Auqi no Brasil temos alguns blogs que são parecidos como este!!! Gostei!! Very nice

  2. Hi Tracy! Great to meet you yesterday...now I gotta catch up on your blog archives. :-)

  3. Hey Tracey,

    Was just thinking i should e-mail you the other day, but as you can see from my blog, i do a lot more thinking about writing than actual writing :o)

    Glad you like the jam recipe, it's soooooo super easy, just make sure your sugar is jam sugar (with added pectin) and let me know how you get on!

    i could actually go on, but i won't take up your comment space with my ramblings, i think i will save it for an e-mail, and possibly a post or too...

    Take care,

    Cate, x