07 December 2008


When I was just thinking about starting a blog, my friend Miss Marzie - herself a longtime blogger - said that you meet some lovely people in blog world. Now it's not that I disbelieved her, it's just that meeting lovely people was not high on my list of motivations for starting the Daily Boop... and then I met Whimsy Cate.

Y'see the luscious, lolly-like dots you see here before you (as opposed to gloomy green and yucky yellow) are thanks to Cate and her man Tim, who wrote a comprehensive step-by-step guide through image editing and HTML that was so easy to get, I had new dots up by lunchtime.

So when Miss Marzie said I'd meet some lovely people online she was so right! Thank you Cate and Tim... you have made me a very happy Boop!

PS Whimsy Cate writes a lovely blog, as does the gorgeous Miss Marzie. So if you haven't ventured out into blog world yet, I highly recommend doing so. You'll be amazed at what - and who - is out there.


  1. Yay! the dots are sensational!

    I had similar issues with my Audrey and Maude blog - another blogger came to the rescue!

    Bloggers Rock!

  2. Nice dots Boopie!!

  3. Thanks Georgie... a nice boy helped me colour in the dots.

  4. Oh Yay! Gorgeous pink dots, I love them. Glad we could be of help, Enjoy! x

  5. happy new year! hope you enjoyed your festive season, cate, x