27 October 2008

Blogging not jogging

I should be on my way home now for a brisk walk but I'm having too much fun... sort of. This is my first blog and I can't help but wonder if I have what it takes to be a consistent poster. Only one way to find out...

My name's Tracey but almost everyone who matters calls me Boop. Not boo, not boob, Boop. I write for a living and while I used to regularly write for my own pleasure, I haven't done it for years. And that's what the Daily Boop's about... me getting back into the swing of writing about the things that make me happy. If what I write makes you happy too, then I'll be doubly thrilled I started the Daily Boop.



  1. YAY!!! Fantastic news! I am really looking forward to hearing all about it on the 'Daily Boop'

  2. Good on you Boop! About time...My intuition tells me, this is gonna be BIG! So when you're famous and all, remember me when you start your show. I'll be the actress in the show, SJP/Sex in the City - ringing any bells!!!!kxo